Aura Clearing


What is an aura?

Your aura is the energy system that surrounds your body. The aura is connected with your chakra system and typically holds your emotional and spiritual energies.  People often sense each other's auras without consciously realizing it. For example, have you ever known someone was generally a "happy" person or that someone was depressed even though they had a smile on their face?  This is your intuition recognizing that person's aura.

About the Class

As we go through life, energies pass in and out of our personal auric fields. Sometimes the energy gets stuck (for example, it feels like people are trying to suck you dry or you simply do not have enough energy to attend to your own needs).  In this class, we work to strengthen and revitalize the auric field so you can more easily deflect negative and draining energies and instead replace it with a strong, vibrant aura.


Please call to schedule this class.


The Aura Clearing class costs $50.00 per person.