Reiki Classes

Reiki instruction and knowledge is transferred to the student during the Reiki class. The Reiki Master passes the ability to connect fully and tap directly into the source of this unlimited supply of "life force energy" by way of "attunements." Once attuned, the ability to connect to the energy is never lost.

Reiki classes have traditionally been divided into four "levels" or "degrees," each initiating the student into a higher level or vibration of the Reiki energy.

Pre-registration is required for all classes. Call Melissa at 803.640.0785 to register.

Reiki I

The Reiki I course is for beginners in healing. It consists of four attunements, instruction, discussion and practice time. The Reiki I attunements connect the student to the Reiki energy on a level that can be used in any situation to promote healing and wellness. It can be used on oneself and others as well as on animals and plants. There is no prerequisite for this class as this level of Reiki is suitable for all individuals.

This class is taught over the course of one or two days.  Attendance is required both days, if needed.  Call 803.640.0785 for schedule.

Cost $350.00


Reiki II

The Reiki II course attunes the student to a higher, more focused vibration of the Reiki energy. It includes attunements, instruction in additional treatment techniques such as distance healing and mental/emotional healing, discussion and practice time. Prerequisite is Reiki I.

Cost $350.00 


Reiki III - Master 

The Reiki III course attunes the student to the Master level of energy. It consists of one attunement, instruction, review of technique, discussion and practice time.  Please note, you will not be provided with instructions for passing attunements, which is reserved for Master/Teachers.  If you plan to be a Reiki teacher, you should sign up for the Reiki IV - Master/Teacher class instead.

This is a 6-month commitment that includes in-depth self-exploration. Prerequisites are Reiki I and II and acceptance into the training.

Cost $700.00

Reiki IV - Master/Teacher

The Reiki IV course is for those committed practitioners who want to become teachers of Reiki. It includes an additional attunement, instructions for passing the attunements, practice time and a period of apprenticeship where the Master/Student co-teaches a number of classes with the Master/Teacher. The student must also demonstrate knowledge of the philosophy and concepts of Reiki as well as the ability to teach them to others.

This is a 6-month commitment that includes in-depth self-explorationPrerequisites are Reiki I and II and acceptance into the training.

Cost $1000.00



Students who received their Reiki I and/or Reiki II training from another Reiki Master must bring their certificate as proof of completion and demonstrate their knowledge of the concepts and techniques covered in each level prior to enrolling in the next level.