Chakra Clearing

What are chakras?

Chakras are the areas in your body that take in energy, process it, and release it out again. Though they have no physical presence, chakras are associated with specific areas of your body, starting at the base of your spine and running to the crown of your head. Each chakra corresponds to specific life-lessons and contains all of your beliefs and experiences.

    • First chakra - Associated with your sense of survival and beliefs from your family or cultural/social environment

    • Second chakra - Associated with creativity, sex, power, and money

    • Third chakra - Associated with your sense and care of self, trust, and decision-making

    • Fourth chakra - Associated with your ability to love on a global level, forgiveness, and compassion

    • Fifth chakra - Associated with your will and ability to express your personal truth

    • Sixth chakra - Associated with intuition, perception, and insight

    • Seventh chakra - Associated with your connection to the divine and spiritual growth

The Session

During a chakra clearing session, you remain fully clothed and usually lie on a massage table. As I move my hands over each of the body's chakras, you may feel the energy moving and releasing. After all are cleared, I end with chakra balancing.

Your Investment

I typically work very intuitively, so your session includes a consultation and may include any combination of Reiki, shamanic energy healing, chakra clearing, intuitive counseling, and energy medicine techniques. Therefore, I charge by time not service (60 minutes for $80.00).