Usui/Holy Fire/Karuna Reiki

What is Reiki?

Science tells us that every living thing contains and channels energy. Reiki is a Japanese word meaning "spiritually-directed life force (energy)". It is an ancient, gentle healing technique that reconnects you to an endless source of universal energy for whole-person wellness (mind, body, and spirit).

As a Reiki practitioner, I serve as a conduit to move the universal energy into your personal energy field. You can access this energy by yourself, but you will probably find it flows easier with another person acting as a channel so you can relax. This is where a Reiki practitioner and teacher can be helpful.

Why have a Reiki session?

People often seek Reiki sessions to help with a physical disease or illness. Still others are looking for relief from an emotional or psychological burden. And some want only relaxation and stress relief.

A Reiki session is generally very relaxing and is excellent for stress reduction. People who seek to be reconnected on a spiritual, emotional, or psychological level often find a sense of peace after a Reiki session.

Our Reiki sessions are useful for lessening pain and the negative side effects of regular medical procedures such as chemotherapy. They also strengthen the positive aspects of such treatments and may improve the healing rate.

Reiki Ideals

      • Just for today, I will trust.

      • Just for today, I will do my work honestly.

      • Just for today, I will accept and give thanks for all my many blessings.

      • Just for today, I will honor all forms of life.

      • Just for today, I will be at peace.

Your Investment

I typically work very intuitively, so your session includes a consultation and may include any combination of Reiki, shamanic energy healing, chakra clearing, intuitive counseling, and energy medicine techniques. Therefore, I charge by time not service (60 minutes for $80.00).