Systems of Reiki

It is my belief that there is one form of Reiki, the divinely directed life force energy, but many systems that use various approaches/styles to channel the Reiki energy. There is no one single definitive or right way to “do” Reiki, rather it is about your intention. For example, I teach and practice the traditional Usui methods as well as Karuna® and Holy Fire® Reiki.

Usui Reiki

The traditional Usui methods involve placing your hands on or above a person and channeling the energy directly to them. It is effective and simple in its approach.

Holy Fire® Reiki

Holy Fire® Reiki builds on the Usui method to envelope the woundings and injuries that hide our authentic selves from our own view and takes them to the Divine Source for healing. The energy at the core of creation is the power of love. Holy Fire® Reiki offers compassion and forgiveness; it lifts the injuries and attachments into the Divine Source/Divine Love where they are listened to, all the way to the core of their origin. Every nuance from every time, place, person involved with every incidence of the wounding is held in love and healing. This means you don’t have to identify and fix all the layers of wounding, you let the spiritually guided life force find and heal them for you.

Holy Fire® Reiki is powerful and gentle at the same time, working at the level you most need at that time to reveal your authentic self and your true power (internal rather than external). Holy Fire® Reiki helps you to shift from everyday reality into a higher consciousness that lets you see a field of possibilities.

Karuna® Reiki

Karuna® Reiki focuses on developing and discovering compassion for yourself and others. It can be used to reduce pain associated with emotional healing, release negative patterns, heal relationships, clear the mind, links you with your Higher Self, help you claim your power, manifest goals, and bring peace and trust into your life.