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"Healing is not an intervention, it is a journey" (Alberto Villoldo). Are you on a healing journey? Are you trying to find your direction in life? Are you looking for more spiritual connection? For over 20 years, I've helped others on their journeys, whether they are seeking tension and anxiety relief from an emotional burden, grappling with depression, trying to manage pain and addictions, healing from injuries or wanting to improve the healing rates of medical procedures, seeking spiritual connection, facing end-of-life transitions, releasing blocks, desiring to increase their resilience and vitality, or trying to find their path.

I've come to realize it is my path in life to be of healing service to others and the planet using energy healing techniques, such as:

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To make an appointment, call or text Melissa Kitchings at 803.640.0785. You can also email at melissa at mind-body-spiritconnections.com (replace "at" with @); please include "reiki" in the subject. I am located at 220 Silver Bluff Rd, Aiken SC, inside Rising Wellness Center. Note that I am available by appointment only.

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Energy Healing Sessions

A session at Mind-Body-Spirit Connections reconnects you to the universal energy, which is an unlimited source of strength and vitality. These sessions are very relaxing and excellent for stress reduction. Sessions can help you feel more balanced physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. These sessions are tailored specifically for you each time and include counseling as well as energy healing.

During an energy healing session, you remain fully clothed and usually lie on a massage table; however, you can receive a session while sitting, standing, or lying in a hospital bed. I do not offer massage or any form of body manipulation. Instead, I use a gentle "angel's touch" to channel the healing energy into your body's major energy centers. The divinely directed energy flows through your energy field, charging it with positive energy and causing the negative energy to dissipate.

Some conditions improve after one session, but most require multiple sessions for long-term benefits.

The healing energy is only used for your highest good, so anyone can benefit from a session:

    • Athletes – Energy healing may increase your energy and stamina levels. The energy can also help speed recovery time if you are injured.

    • Senior citizens – Energy healing can help increase your own energy and activity levels. Energy healing can help ease many conditions typically associated with growing older, such as arthritis. It has even been used to help the recovery of stroke victims.

    • Adults – Energy healing sessions can be used to find a greater sense of direction and joy in life. The healing energy helps you let go of tension, anxiety, fear, and other negative emotions, which are replaced by feelings of peace and well-being.

    • Pregnant women – Energy healing is beneficial in reducing many of the discomforts experienced during pregnancy and can help during delivery and post-partum recovery.

    • Children, babies, and pets – Typically, children and animals are already connected to the universal energy. However, some energy healing techniques may help with attention deficit disorder, night traumas, colic, and other childhood maladies. In pets, it can help with injury recovery.

Mind-Body-Spirit Connections, LLC, and its employees do not diagnose illness or disease, prescribe medication, or perform medical treatment. If you have a medical or psychological condition, you should see a licensed healthcare professional in addition to your sessions at Mind-Body-Spirit Connections.